Maggy Haves

Born on November 14, 1926 in Europe, Maggy was a Holocaust survivor, civil rights activist and early childhood education innovator. In 1976, she founded The Maggy Haves School, which went on to help shape the lives of thousands of families.

Maggy’s contribution to the world continues on in the countless lives she touched, and in the ongoing work of the Maggy Haves School.

“I once had a dream that all people would live free from oppression, free to express themselves, free to exercise control over their own destiny, and free to live in peace. After many years of activism and contributing to society, so that this dream could become a reality, I realized that it could only happen when children would learn at an early age to function in such a society. My wish is that children will be equipped to move mountains and to become leaders for a better world.”

- Maggy Haves