The Maggy Haves School is an incredibly special place where children flourish. The director, teachers and all of the staff are devoted to the well being of children. … The children at the school truly learn how to voice their opinions, handle conflict and be kind with one another. This is a school that values the individual and is child focused. The staff and administration are always available to support parents and I have come to them more than once for advice with my own parenting and they have always been honest, open and supportive. I feel lucky to have children at this school.

Both of my children attended the preschool as well as the toddler program over the past five years. This school has given us so many amazing parenting techniques during that time that I can’t imagine what we would have done without this school. My children felt cared for, supported, and known by their teachers… The needs of the kids are always put first at The Maggy Haves School.

The teachers, staff, and the new director are all incredibly knowledgable and they will have the most amazing advice for any issue your child may have. The kids have so much fun at school getting dirty, discovering new things, and learning important life lessons like conflict resolution. There’s the perfect amount of structure so that the kids know what to expect but they are also allowed to be creative and inventive. I wish I could have gone here when I was a child!

The teachers are loving, attentive, and wonderful role models. I have found their doors and the directors always open, and the school is very open to paying close attention to the needs of each student.

My children can’t wait to get to school every day. I am truly in awe of the teachers and Director. They are blessed with the gift of teaching, incredibly knowledgeable, not only about childhood development and education but parenting as well. I can’t tell you how much I’ve learned about parenting from this school. I really feel like my child gets a lot of special attention and I know that every parent feels this way. I know that here, my child is valued and respected for his/her individualism.

The biggest influence on our family has been this school…the way we talk to our kids, the way we are comfortable with their feelings even if they’re negative, they way we make them feel safe, it’s given us a whole framework for our family that we wouldn’t have had. We love it here.

Our daughter has blossomed…she’s nurtured here…she loves the teachers…it’s a remarkable place.

What I learned most was to be quiet and let them [the children] do their thing… hear what they have to say.