Mission Statement

Working towards a more peaceful and socially responsible world by empowering children to know that feelings matter and words and actions have impact.


The Maggy Haves School is a child-centered community offering a stimulating environment geared toward success for children as individuals and community members. With the guidance of supportive and creative teachers, the children learn that they can exert an influence on their circumstances and begin to feel responsible for their actions. Each child is an important member of the group, learns to care for others and the environment, and through hands-on learning and communication, understands what it means to be fully engaged in the world.


Grounded in founder Maggy Haves’ original vision, the mission of the Maggy Haves School is to work towards a more peaceful and socially responsible world. The simple yet powerful work of the School is to provide children with an environment that fosters a deep understanding of themselves in the world, and the impact of their words and actions.